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The internal environment (microenvironments — it is part of the general marketing environment which is in the enterprise and it is controlled by it. It comprises that potential which gives the chance to firm to function, and, therefore, to exist and survive in a certain period.

The tourist enterprise works in constantly changing conditions caused by variety of the relations developing in it and also with other economic subjects. Set of these relations also makes concept of the marketing environment. It in many respects defines nature of activity of firm and has to be considered without fail in details in the course of carrying out market researches.

Strictly speaking, in practical marketing the abstract concept of the market is not applied. The market is always concrete. Therefore before starting its research, it is necessary to define, the enterprise works at what market. For this purpose it is necessary to allocate the concrete commodity markets which number also the market of tourism treats.

Having collected data on tendencies in demographic processes, it is possible to analyse their possible influence on activity of travel company, to define the directions of the application of the main efforts and to predict results of future work.

Many confuse marketing to commercial efforts on sale whereas actually it combines some kinds of activity directed on identification, service, satisfaction of consumer needs. Marketing begins long before and proceeds after the act of purchase and sale for a long time.

The relations with contact audiences have essential impact on activity of the tourist enterprise. They represent groups of persons, the organizations, institutions, potentially or really influencing activity of firm. Potential influence can be expressed as in preservation of a neutrality in relation to firm, and manifestation of a certain attitude towards her.

Practically any tourist enterprise is not able to organize independently round, to provide clients with all necessary vehicles, to provide housing, to organize food, etc. For this purpose usually the relevant enterprises and the organizations ("suppliers") providing missing links in complex service are attracted:

Macroenvironment ( creates the general conditions of the environment of finding of the tourist enterprise. In most cases the makrosreda has no specific character in relation to separately taken firm. However each of them is influenced by her influence and cannot operate her.

As the culture of the enterprise has no obviously expressed manifestation, it is rather difficult to study it. However there are some steady moments which are important for clearing to try to point to that weak and strengths which the culture gives to the enterprise.

Special importance of the analysis of culture of the enterprise consists that it not only defines intra firm relationship, but also has serious impact how the enterprise makes the interaction with environment.

The internal environment defines opportunities ­ functioning of the tourist enterprise. But it can also be and a source of problems if does not provide necessary conditions of complex use of the concept of marketing.

The problem of market researches consists in obtaining information on the moods reigning in contact audiences, an anticipation of the most probable actions concerning firm, and also search of means for adjustment of constructive cooperation with the public.

First, for the enterprises with strong culture underlining of importance of the people working for them is characteristic. Such enterprises pay much attention to an explanation of the firm philosophy, promotion of the values.

Marketing of the tourist enterprise is under the influence of welfare factors. The greatest force the settled norms accepted in society, systems of social rules, cultural wealth, the relations of people to the nature, work, among themselves and to themselves possess. Knowledge of welfare factors very important as they influence both other elements of a makrosreda, and the internal environment of the enterprise (for example, the relation of employees to works.

Thirdly, an idea of culture of the enterprise is given by supervision of how employees work on the workplaces as the system of career is constructed and what criteria for advance of employees on service.