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Norms of phosphoric and potash fertilizers count on the planned crop proceeding from carrying out of nutritious with a crop of seeds and quantities of available batteries in the soil. Phosphoric and potash fertilizers bring in the fall under zyablevy plowing, and nitric in the spring under preseeding processing of the soil.

The summer colza is sympathetic on introduction of microcells, pine forest. Introduction it in number of two kilograms of active ingredient on hectare of a field promotes more and accelerated maturing of seeds, reduces their losses when cleaning. Boric fertilizers bring along with under preseeding processing of the soil. Even subacidic soils izvestkut during the autumn or winter period. Organic fertilizers bring under the previous culture.

If silosut a colza during blossoming when contains in plants to 85 percent of moisture, it is better to add the crushed straw or a polova to silosuyemy weight. Also joint siloing of green material of a colza with corn in the ratio 1 is useful: In such silo 105 — 110 grams of a protein while the from its corn contains only 65 — 75 grams are the share of one fodder unit.

In the early spring at approach of physical ripeness of the soil we carry out a disking or cultivation with a simultaneous boronovaniye, we introduce fertilizers, herbicides, then we start preparation of a field for sowing. The colza — melkosemyanny culture, seeds is closed up to the soil on depth of 1,5 — 2,5 centimeters therefore the soil has to be without excess dispersion, melkokomkovaty, a surface of a field leveled.