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The main part of the dictionary of the Portuguese language is the lexicon of the folk Latin speech and lexical elements of literary Latin. In the Portuguese dictionary words of languages of dorimsky colonists – Greek, Phoenician, Carthago, and also words of a kelto-ibersky origin remain. In 5-8 centuries the Portuguese language words of the German origin got, and in 8-13 centuries it borrowed a considerable Arab element. Spanish had a great influence on the Portuguese language; a long time it was used in Portugal as the literary language. The Portuguese language and the French influence did not avoid. Having similarity to Spanish and other Romance languages, the Portuguese language differs in an originality of sound structure – it is rich with diphthongs and nasal vowels, and also has some grammatical features.

In a vegetable cover of Portugal prevail Mediterranean eternally - the green woods and bushes. In the north to them the listopadny, broad-leaved woods are added. Once almost all territory of Portugal was covered with the woods. Nowadays they are strongly exterminated.

With position of Portugal on the Atlantic coast it is connected by fishery development. Are engaged in fishery not only professional fishermen, but also considerable part of farmers for whom fishing of fish serves as subsidiary trade. Especially there are a lot of such peasants on the northern coast of the country. Fish canned food – one of the main articles of the Portuguese export and an important food product of locals.