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strategy of the dumping prices — i.e. the market prices which are consciously underestimated by the enterprise in comparison with the developed market price level for the purpose of obtaining large advantages concerning the competitors. This strategy of pricing belongs to monopolistic activity.

In spite of the fact that the firm has many ways of division of domestic market into segments and purposes of the different prices within each segment, the available variety of the international markets over the countries creates still bigger number of naturally developing market segments.

In modern conditions the small states have no opportunity to satisfy all variety of public and individual requirements of the industry due to only own production. Therefore this problem is solved generally using variety of foreign economic relations in which the leading role belongs to trade.

World experience shows that in short terms the countries staking on development and deployment of comprehensive economic programs which are based on creating favorable conditions for development of business, full assistance from the state in development of foreign markets, stimulation of diverse forms of the external economic relations achieve outstanding economic results.

The free introduction and exit from branch. New firms can freely enter, and existing – to leave branch. There are no obstacles – technical, financial and others which could prevent emergence of new firms.