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By summary results of measurements build schedules - changes of temperature (humidity) on the main galleries of a cavity, temperature fields on sections of the courses and the area of halls, the combined schedules of daily (seasonal) change of meteoelements on a surface and underground; count histograms temperature raspredelniya (humidity on length of the courses, the area or volume of a cavity for calculation of the corresponding average sizes used by drawing up thermal balances and calculations of condensation. Graphically investigate correlation communications between temperature (humidity) and depth (length) of a cavity, the direction and speed of an air stream and perpady pressure on the studied site, etc., select the approximating equations and find their coefficient.

The second violation expressed by a jointing zone since Apr the 285th hail. is in northern part of a site. In a cave to violation of this zone there corresponds the well connecting two floors of a cave (top and the lower gallery).

Speed and the direction of the movement of air fix in all places with notable draft (natural narrowings of the courses), having a look possible oncoming traffic of streams at a floor and the arch of gallery, or at walls on an axis of the vertical course.

The author understands as a microclimate of a karst cavity the mode of meteorological elements (atmospheric pressure, the air movement, temperature, humidity, gas composition of air) in a cave or mine of a certain morphogenetic type.

On the basis of primary these supervision air exchange parameters (seasonal schemes of ventilation, pressure modes, an expense of an air stream and coefficient of air exchange during different seasons), the size and the direction of differences of temperatures water-air, a wall (floor) - air, amplitudes of daily (seasonal) fluctuations of the main meteoelements are determined by cavity sites etc.

The purpose of the real work is preparation of the characteristic of a microclimate in a cave Marble, identification and definition of extent of influence on it of anthropogenous factors, on the basis of regime microclimatic, microbiological, a hydra - chemical, the geologist - mineralogical supervision.

In the narrow (low) courses and halls of small volume of a thermal emission and breath of the observer can significantly distort results of measurements that it is necessary to consider at the organization of supervision. In parts of a cave where it is made supervision, it is necessary to limit stay of strangers and to exclude use of lamps, heaters of naked flame (candles, carbide lamps).

The top structural floor of the Main ridge including Chatyrdaga is put by verkhneyursky and nizhnemelovy (Valanginian) deposits. Their distinctive feature is a lithologic variety, facial variability, contrast of capacities.

Increase of number of tourists and escalating interest in karst caves as to unique objects of the nature revealed need of the equipment excursion routes of the Hall of Reorganization that represented the greatest complexity for employees of the Center. (A huge clumpy blockage throughout all halls.

Variability of gas composition of air in space of a cave and in time are analyzed in close connection with the mode of air circulation and others by the possible gas-forming factors. For definition of genesis of carbonic acid data on isotope composition of carbon are used.