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The considerable part of workers on the labor mentality still long time will not fit into the market relations. Regulation of labor market will be carried out as well as earlier generally at the expense of domestic market, i.e. at the enterprises and in the organizations by accumulation and dumping of the hidden unemployment.

Administrative expenses of an employment service hold special position. Their main directions – administration of system of payments of grants, management of programs in the employment service. Considering that the most part of such expenses goes for management of programs, them also carry to costs of active measures.

As for employment services, the solution seems on the way of closer interaction of private firms the intermediary structures operating in labor market. It assumes (though the ILO and against similar practice, but the certain countries nevertheless carry out it) creation of rather extensive system of the bodies of employment functioning on a commercial basis that will allow to react more flexibly to inquiries of labor market and to raise additional money.

The main direction of correction of social and economic strategy of reforms consists in its reorientation from research of sources of financial means for the social help needy (such approach assumes inevitability of growth of unemployment),