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Structural (are constant costs the enterprise incurs continuously (a rent, insurance premiums, expenses on protection, on service of the equipment, etc.). They are necessary to provide activity of the enterprise, though are not connected directly with scales of this activity.

He deserves in the international marketing of the closest attention. In the analysis of demand it is necessary to recognize that the buyer himself defines compliance of the goods offered it to the real requirements. It is possible to distinguish from the general such requirements: high quality of production and non-failure operation in operation, novelty and a high technological level of products, level after selling service, quantity and nature of the provided additional services, a favorable ratio between the price of acquisition and the price of operation, etc. It is important to know also specific requirements of buyers for the range, appearance, packing, marking, use of the trademark. Geographical and climatic conditions, the existing technical standards, habits and tastes of consumers can have essential impact on requirements of buyers to concrete goods.

Technical difficulties of collection of information. For the majority developing, as well as for "new industrial" the countries the case of absence of information is characteristic: sometimes on the industrial equipment it is impossible to receive even the approximate list of potential clients; the competition is not reflected in one of the published documents.

Too often actually foreign markets hurry to present as hardly permeable, difficult, almost perverted on the essence. Considerably such judgments are not deprived of the bases. However they are very vulnerable as the enterprise constrains the international development for fear to appear in uncertain, a hover. It, certainly, does not mean that foreign markets are always readily available: on the contrary, they cannot compensate neither strategic mistakes nor organizational shortcomings of activity of the enterprise at all. Choosing a foreign market, follows as it is possible to connect three parameters better:

Marketing can be interpreted, first, as the principle of behavior of the enterprise which consists in the consecutive direction of all of the decisions concerning the market on requirements and needs of consumers and buyers (marketing as the principle of business management); in - the second