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Exam tips for kids in english

Told the early follows from everything that the education based on disclosure of concrete ecological communications will help pupils to acquire rules and standards of behavior in the nature. The last, in turn, will not be mere allegations, and will be conscious and intelligent belief of each pupil.

1 do not approach close nests of birds. On your traces predators can find and ruin them. If incidentally it appear near a nest, do not touch it, at once leave. Otherwise birds-roditeli can leave a nest for ever.

There are no unambiguous recipes concerning what ecological communications, at what lesson and how exactly to consider. Only the teacher working in a concrete class in the conditions of a concrete natural environment can solve it. It is important to consider need of the differentiated approach to pupils, selection of tasks of different degree of complexity for them.

The listed types of communications between lifeless and wildlife, between components of wildlife are shown in the wood, on a meadow, in a reservoir thanks to what the last become not simply a set of different plants and animals, and natural community.

Teachers and parents have to try to block the beginning of this way. And meanwhile the road of the consumer relation to the nature is artful. Entices that harmless it seems pleasures, considerable and fast benefits, and also traditions, and habits.

Do not leave 1 in the wood, park, on a meadow, at the river of garbage. Never throw out garbage in reservoirs. This one of the simplest and in the same time of the most important rules. The garbage left by people literally everywhere disfigures a face of the nature. Whether throwing out garbage in reservoirs even simply leaving it on the coast, from where it easily gets then to water, we can bring misfortunes to other people.

Receiving a certain system of knowledge at the lessons "Natural Sciences" and "Natural study", pupils can also acquire norms and rules of ecological behavior in the nature as through ecological education the responsible relation to the nature is brought up.