Orientation To The Toefl Independent Essay

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Privileges is a benefit, simplification, provided to the persons authorized on performance of functions of the state as an exception of the general rules connected with opportunity to receive material benefits or services or with opportunity to avoid material inputs.

but possible sums of collecting. When imposing a penalty on the violator to court, thus, character made corruption a, the identity of the person which made it, the degree of his fault, situation, circumstances softening and responsibility is provided to consider a.

Staff of this body has to be socially protected, they have to earn a due reward that it was more difficult to corruption to make the way in their ranks. Respectively they have to have a number of large powers to execute the of functions. Actually corruption very terrible thing which slows down development of society of the state and an otdelna of persons.

The penalty is one of traditional types of collecting which are calculated first of all on effect — the prevention in the future of new similar as from the this person authorized on performance of functions of the state (the special prevention, and other persons of this category (the group prevention. _1