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Thirdly, the concrete territory (region) as a field of design activity needs to be considered as different subject of problems — social, social and demographic, welfare. Such aspect of the analysis of a situation is especially important when developing the regional sociocultural programs which are guided first of all by narrowing of space of a sociocultural perspective of the territory, optimization of conditions of activity of the person.

The welfare project represents the target block which is realized through system of practical actions. At the heart of generation of idea of the project and development of conditions and ways of its embodiment the system of the principles, i.e. basic provisions, the teoretiko-world outlook bases and the most general standards of design activity lies.

This principle can be considered as a strategic task of regional cultural programs which sense consists in creation of system of the conditions optimizing processes of self-development and self-organization of all subjects of welfare life of the territory.

The synergetic idea defining opportunities and limits of intervention in functioning of welfare systems is the cornerstone of this world outlook principle: any elaborate system potentially comprises a certain set of the ways of development answering to its nature. Therefore, intervention in system is limited to a possible range of its development — elaborate systems cannot impose the ways of development which are not following from internal logic of the system. The main thing — to understand own tendencies and mechanisms of self-development of system and to promote their disclosure. The chaos acts as the mechanism of self-organization and self-completion of structure of system, providing balance of its preservation and change. The exit from chaos can be accelerated by resonant excitement of the structures wished and realized in this system.