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It is supposed that each subject is acquired by the person with efficiency peculiar to it. Efficiency of understanding of material - size relative. Eventually there is a process of a zabyvaniye of material. Arguing thus, it is possible to present approximately knowledge acquisition process by a formula

Let time when examination of tin can start preparing for i-ohm, and also time to which it is possible to prepare - tik be also objectively set. In the majority of practical situations it will be equivalent to time of the beginning of delivery of the examination. Time of the beginning of preparation for session - t0 - can be defined as tin, minimum from times.

We will round the received rational number in an interval: tin' in the big party, tik' in the smaller. Further about appointments we will enter h of candidates and W+h of works into a task - we will count number of works on a formula

This model uses the concept "time" which on sense is almost equivalent to the concept used in everyday life. The choice a concrete unit of time in this model is limited only to accuracy reasons.

This model does not consider time necessary for the person for change-over from one theoretical material on another. In principle this feature should not affect results as discretization of time at the decision by method of appointments brings a much bigger error.