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The composition is defined: placement of the main survey routes and points; parameters of open spaces (squares, streets, squares, water mirrors, parameters of the objects forming these spaces (buildings, constructions, green plantings, a relief.

First of all the farmland (arable lands, gardens, pastures, haymakings), hotbeds and greenhouses, apiaries, livestock farms, shops on processing of agricultural products, mekhdvor, storages and warehouses of the different function, other territories and constructions providing agrarian production are a part of production objects of primary territorial system. A variety and possibility of a choice of workplaces is provided with placement in borders of system of objects not only the agrarian, but also industrial, craft, serving work (shops on production of building materials, consumer goods, products of national crafts, shops – branches of the city enterprises, etc.).

The public center has to be formed as the most representative ensemble of the settlement that is provided with selection of buildings and constructions, their statement relatively each other, and also concerning the major visual axes and knots, character of open spaces, small architectural forms, improvements, gardening.

For a selitba in general it is desirable to take away the site with a favorable microclimate which is not dismembered by the existing highways, not demanding for the development of difficult engineering actions, located near the wood, a reservoir, a meadow, etc.

Material to offset by the first part of an academic year project consists of the scientific and technical report on UIRS and a schematic map of the reorganized territorial system. Join in the report: the executed calculations, the initial scheme of the planning organization of primary territorial system, the scheme of planning restrictions (M 1: 50 00, the list of the used literature.

In an academic year project the size of prikvartirny sites at cottages is accepted equal 0,15 – 0,25 hectares, at block apartments of the blocked houses – 0,04-0,1 hectares. Section houses have no prikvartirny sites, or such sites of 0,1-0,03 hectares in size are provided for apartments of the first floor.

The street network of the settlement, besides those main roads and streets which trace is planned at the previous design stage, includes minor streets in a housing estate (lanes), drives in a housing estate, the economic drives, skotoprogona (which are usually combined with hozproyezda).

When streamlining a road network the interrelation of all occupied places, autonomous production objects on the shortest distances is provided. The network of internal roads of territorial system joins a network of roads of higher category. Roads of the transit movement should not pass through selitebny zones of settlements. It should not be carried out through a selitba and communication of autonomous production zones with highways of regional and regional value.

The tracing of a planning framework is made taking into account earlier made decisions on functional and construction zoning of the territory. However at creation of a framework these decisions are specified, corrected, improved.