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We imagine that scientific and technical progress, mechanization, automation raise requirements, even in working professions, to thinking all the time. As a matter of fact, in many kinds of activity it is difficult to separate physical and brainwork.

It is also important to consider also specific emotions. which are called by directly concrete work. These emotions are marked out first of all as professionally important. They are subdivided into two subgroups. The first subgroup is those emotions which connect relationship of people with collective in the course of this collective type of work.

Professional features of motor activity. is caused When speak about motor activity, it is more correct to consider sensomotorny coordination even when the motor component of activity is simplest; a nazhimaniye on the button or the lever. Why? Because any motor activity is caused by a touch component and realization of this action is controlled by also touch component.

Positive emotions, it for example satisfaction the work, call of duty, competitions. On the other hand, there can be also negative emotions. It first of all concerns those cases when people though work, but this work with it not to liking. They carry out it out of a debt, maybe is conscientious.

The following two types which it allocated belong not to working professions any more. The fourth type he called "independent work". It is work of the designer, engineer. Strumilin carried it in special group. And, at last, the last type of professions is a free creative activity. Here workers of different types of art mean.

Except the analyzer it must be kept in mind features of nature of the perception. A number of professions demands long tracking in a wide touch field. A number of professions, on the contrary, demands sharp narrowing of a field of perception, but for a long time.