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The area of the broad-leaved woods occupies only the extreme southwest of the Baltic basin: Denmark, South of Sweden, North of Poland and Germany. For these areas beechen and yew groves, heather heathlands, a mistletoe, plush thickets are characteristic.

Referring to calculations of the Finnish researcher Kyaeriyaynen, approximately in 2600 the relief of Baltic will significantly change: the narrowest part of the Gulf of Bothnia will dry up, and Finland will merge with Sweden.

In the XIX century many researchers found sinks of modern species of sea mollusks at considerable height (to 60 m in the Southern Sweden and to 120 m in Northern Norway) above sea level. These finds finally convinced of raising of coast.

The Baltic Sea – one of the biggest closed seas of Europe. Narrow Danish passages – Eresunn, Kattegat and Skagerak – it connects to the North Sea widely open to the Atlantic Ocean. The area of the sea – 368 thousand km. The average volume of water – 33 thousand km.

In the summer water temperature in a blanket is close to air temperature. The warmest water in avguste:15-17 in the Gulf of Finland, 9-13 in Botnicheskom. Water in the winter in a blanket usually 1-3 (in gulfs lower than 0 sometimes goes down). With depth it becomes warmer: to In the coldest month – March – ice held down usually only the Finnish and Botnichesky gulfs. In other parts of Baltic the sea freezes only at coast and that in severe winters.